The seaside village

Marzamemi is a small fishing village in the province of Siracusa, is a fraction of Pachino which is about 3 km. The name comes from the Arabic Marsà al-hamām which means "Bay of Doves" because given the geographical position in which it is located is a place obligatory in small birds during migration. The township is wet almost all around from the Ionian Sea and the level is below the sea.

On the Ionian Sea, you meet the two islands of Marzamemi: the small, on which stands an elegant villa, owned by the family of Prof. R. Brancati; the largest, which forms a curve in a recent entry port formed by the same small island and a strong arm to concrete walls, which extends into the sea.

Despite being a modern place to vacation and sea, has its roots in history, sort, probably in the sixth century. A.C. and known by the name of Ichana, was inhabited since ancient times and prospered enough to be used as a place of supply and the first landing place for boats that passed through there.