The port

Foto panoramica del Club Nautico Marzamemi

The Wharf

Entering the port of Marzamemi are straight forward the dock of the Yacht Club which is spread over 300 linear meters of floating modules, with columns for the provision of water and electricity, and allow the mooring of various categories of boats up to 25 meters.
The bottom is a maximum of 5 meters. The structure of the port is available all year round and is allowed access h24. The pontoons Ingemar RINA certified with Finger and minifinger in fact allow the easy access and self-employment; the mooring gains in stability and security, especially during the winter season.

Headlights and taillights

2914 (E1878) - green flashing light, 5 sec. Capacity 4 M, on the jetty (keep at least 25 meters away from the light);
2916 (E1879) - red flashing light, 5 sec, range 3 M, on the end of the pier (keep at least 30 meters from the beacon).
To access it is advisable to keep good on the entry. And 'dangerous to enter the port with sea and strong winds to the east and south.
Winds west. Prevailing wind: sirocco. Shelter: from the west